Knock Down Challenge,
‘Business as Usual’

The unfolding Coronavirus pandemic is having huge consequences across the Globe. As supply chains, services and economies are greatly impacted, it will be important to develop solutions aimed at creating awareness and managing the adverse economic effects caused by the virus.

The challenge

The Innovation Village is looking to support solutions targeting, but not limited to;


Solutions that support workflows and allow effective communication on a remote basis

Last Mile Communication

Solutions that ensure verified and accurate information reaches even the most remote locations.

Supply Chains

Solutions that aid efficient distribution of food, medical supplies and products in the event of movement restrictions.

If you have developed or are in the process of developing a solution that is aligned to the above challenge areas, or that can be customized please fill out this form and we will be in touch.
The Innovation Village is a startup ecosystem builder. Our core strategy is designed to support economic growth and job creation in Africa in a commercially sustainable way, with the vision of deepening the application of technology in social economic transformation


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